. "Look At The Stars" with Tony Hadley on the CD album "Another Touch" by Dolf de Vries
Musical "Josephine"
CD album "Kansen" with Louis de Vries
Commercials for f.i. PTT and Hilvertshof
"Houdt Fokker In De Lucht" with Justine Pelmelay, Humphrey Campbell and Ernst Daniël Smid
Let's Make A World Together" with Gordon (Philips Let's Make Things Better Campaign)
"Als Je Van Me Houdt" with Paul de Leeuw & Midlife 5
"Never Change" with Debbie Sledge
"Summertime In The Park" with Georgie Fame (Leadsong Floriade 2002)
"Back Together (On The Beach)" with Vaneck (Mega Top-100 in 2003)
"Bubblin’ Champagne" with Vaneck
CD album "December Feelings" with Vaneck and The Dolf de Vries Orchestra